Our Consultant Business Analysts and Project Managers

JanQwz Consulting goes beyond providing the best support or offering the best rewards; it is about working in the best way possible. Our platform comprises business analysts, technical business analysts, project managers, and technical project managers committed to excellence and the best industry standards.

JanQwz Consulting is undoubtedly the best hub for top-of-the-line business analysts and project managers.So if you are a business analyst, technical business analyst, project manager, or a technical project manager looking for the right platform to work and maximize your potential, then join our team of experienced consultants today.

Professional Network

As a JanQwz Consulting specialist, you do not necessarily have to manage a team, but you can be part of one. Our consultants can work with several business analysts and project managers across all disciplines. Consequently, they can confidently serve their clients by referring to other, more experienced and talented consultants when necessary. Our consultants also work in teams to provide pitches or work on large-scale projects to achieve the best possible result.

 Our Focus

  • Our consultants work fully remote
  • We offer consulting, training, and project management
  • We are not a hiring or recruitment agency
  • Our consultants are versatile
  • Our consultants work based on our client’s timezone


Our Typical Consulting Staff

Bronze (Level 1): 5 yrs – New consultants that will have the opportunity to grow with our company

Silver (Level 2): 10 yrs – middle-line management

Gold (level 3): 20 years or more – advanced skills at CEO level or experienced academics with Ph.D. or Professors in Management

We only take on the best or top 5% of applicants that apply to work with us.

Top 5% in your university class
Top 5% with experience in your specialist area
Top 5% of our three-stage interview process

Our consultants are not employees; we view each as business partners who can make decisions on how to grow the practice.

  • Be your own boss
  • Holiday and vacation are not regimented
  • No traveling back and forth to work saves time
  • Back-up staff to cover absences
  • Earnings are based on quality/experience and value