The Beginning

Our directors met in business school in 1995 while undertaking their masters’ degree in business administration. In the last 25 years after completing their studies, they have only met in person on three occasions, despite working together over the years. As a consequence, they have mastered the art of working remotely.

Working together in senior management roles with small and large organizations across three continents (US, Europe, and Africa), they decided it was time to use their fifty years of combined experience. They strive to collaborate and share concepts and everything they have learned with other experienced consultants, inspiring them and creating a better way of working.

JanQwz Consulting is a new startup based in California and the UK. Our firm is born with the need to improve service delivery and reward our consultants. We have created a novel approach to enhance efficiency and client satisfaction. Our unique concept provides additional benefits – an approach to consulting that gives business analysts and project managers flexibility and freedom and enables them to offer more personalized services.

Creating a New Way of Working

Through searching for a better working method, the directors founded JanQwz Consulting to provide a versatile and efficient platform. Driven by cutting-edge technology and a new way of working, we promote job satisfaction and adequate reward for our consultants.

We have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in technology to achieve this goal. We are proud of a highly responsive support team dedicated to assisting our business and technical analysts and project technical managers on time and efficiency.

Be Part of Our Success Story

JanQwz Consulting is a startup consulting firm poised to break the norm regarding how business analysts and project managers work. Passion for creating a new way of working is our key driver, and we look to our consultants to meet and go above client expectations, achieving maximum reward for their efforts.

We have invested in all the essentials crucial to achieving our overall goals. We invest in our staff, support structure, and consultants to achieve incredible growth and tremendous success. Although we are a startup, we assure our consultants and clients of our commitment to always deliver the best service.

Success Breeds Success

JanQwz Consulting is growing at a much faster rate than projected. At present, we have several consultants – business analysts, technical business analysts, project managers, and technical project managers on board, who are already benefiting from the new system.

If you are a consultant and desire to be a part of our growth and success story, join our team today