Do you desire an excellent way to work and a balanced life?

The pandemic may have changed our attitude and the way we work forever, so we should adapt to working cost-effectively.

Nothing is as frustrating as working longer hours, days and nights, immersed in stress and without commensurate reward. If you work in a traditional consulting firm, this is most likely what you are experiencing.

Many firms may have failed to improve working conditions, but we are an evolving company that complies with the trend and provides a new working method. We believe this offers the best results possible. We care about our consultants and their job satisfaction and balanced life. As a result, we provide a new way to work free from traditional office politics and debilitating competition.

By joining JanQwz Consulting, you’re in control; choosing how and when you want to work couldn’t be simpler.

The ideal future-proof firm specially built for you

We are a startup consulting firm of the future – the place where people can get the best consulting services from seasoned business analysts and project managers at the top of their game. We explicitly designed JanQwz Consulting for consultants who want to be partners in a fast-growing technology company. If you are a consultant looking for a more fulfilled way to work, join our team today.

Putting You First

We strongly believe that business analysts and project managers can give their best when they are appropriately supported and adequately rewarded. That is why we put our business analysts and project managers first so they can offer their absolute all to their clients.

Helping you achieve your way – the freedom you deserve

JanQwz Consulting is not just about entrepreneurial thinking but about taking advantage of cutting-edge technology. It’s about finding a new way of working that offers our business analysts and project managers the flexibility required to provide personalized and dedicated services that clients need. It is also about the right attitude – the belief that empowering the people you work with enables them to achieve their best.