Earnings that Reflect Your True Worth

At JanQwz Consulting, we believe you should have full control over your career and life and is one of the reasons we created this platform. Our method offers our consultants the authority to make their own choices without inhibitions. At the same time, they receive maximum rewards for their efforts.

We offer 100% flexibility – we do not set billing targets. You can decide how many clients you are comfortable working with and how many hours you wish to take on. However, we have a structure that acknowledges achievement – more billings, more generous rewards.

Unlimited Earning Potential

Our fee structure focuses on honoring our commitment to our consultant partners, providing them with the rewards they deserve. Your take-home might only be a third, or 33.33%, of your billings at a traditional firm, but it can be as high as 80 % at JanQwz Consulting. There is no limit to how much you can make, and our reward structure allows you to earn income proportional to your volume of work and effort.

Other Benefits

JanQwz Consulting is one of the largest networks of consultant partners. This allows you to build crucial relationships, enabling you to cross-refer and win work, collaborate in diverse teams, and massively benefit from the collegiate environment. Live your dream working with JanQwz Consulting to satisfy a teeming population of clients.