Services and Support Built for Your Success

Tailored Support from Award-winning Teams

The support structure at JanQwz Consulting is not limited to meeting our consultant partners’ needs but goes far above and beyond their expectations. Although we are a startup, we have created one of the biggest and most responsive support teams in the industry. Since we know one size does not fit all, we tailor support to meet individual and team needs. As a result, our consultant business analysts and project managers can focus on satisfying their clients, relying on our support team’s efficiency and responsiveness.


Our team of experts handles all financial transactions for JanQwz Consulting. This gives our consultants and clients the confidence that their finances are in safe hands.

Business Development

Our management is responsible for creative developments that generate high business income for our consultants.


A department led by a director oversees all matters relating to compliance within the firm.

Design Support

JanQwz Consulting’s designers work across all design platforms – print and digital, both internally and externally, to provide our business analysts and project managers with tailor-made promotion materials.

Management Support

Our senior team provides strategic advice, direction, and support to all business analysts and project managers.


Our team comprises experts who specialize in practical business generation through online channels and can guide you through planning a personalized marketing campaign.